Spanish Rails Camp 2011

Imagine yourself and a posse of like-minded ruby hackers on a country retreat with zero internet for a weekend of fun. You'll laugh, hack, learn, cry (well, you probably won’t cry… but you know… it felt poetic) and most likely play a crap-load of Guitar Hero.

Railscamp are traditionally very cheap (as cheap as we can get food & accomodation) and people who miss them really regret it :p

Check for info

Dates: weekend from the evening of Friday November 4th to the afternoon of Sunday November 6th.

Location: Las Dehesas, Youth Hostel, Cercedilla, Madrid, accesible with public transportation.

Tickets: are sold out

We have determined the size of the railscamp in 40 people.

Info and announcements on @railscamp_es

Get in touch with us through the mailing list.

Interests/Attende List:

Name: Felipe Talavera (@flype)

Interest in:

  • mockist vs classist (testing techniques in general)
  • Code design/patterns
  • Data storage:
    • NoSql
    • distributed db's
  • working workflows
  • move from texmate to vim

Can help with:

Lately I've been working on service oriented architecture with ruby and rails

Name: Guillermo Álvarez (@guillermooo)

Interest in:

  • Hacking in general.

Can help with:

  • Riak
  • Chef

Name: Juan G. Hurtado (@juanghurtado)

Interest in:

  • Rails common dev patterns
  • Testing techniques
  • Working on weekend apps for fun and profit (I have two ideas on mind)
  • Any trick to make my dev life easier and happier

Can help with:

  • Front-end development (HTML, CSS, jQuery…)
  • Version control with Git

Name: Enrique García (@otikik)

Interest in:

  • Ruby in videogames. I'd like to make a Ruby Roguelike.
  • TDD vs BDD
  • Using Vim more efficiently
  • CartoDB

Can help with:

  • Lua (I'm actually quite good at it, ask me if you are interested in learning!)
  • Vlad (lightweight alternative to Capistrano)
  • jQuery
  • Preparing presentations

Name: Javier Ramírez (@supercoco9)

Interest in:

  • Personal pet projects you are working in currently
  • Atypical uses of web applications and/or ruby
  • Usable APIs

Can help with:

  • I have been thinking lately about APIs
  • Being pragmatic (and over dramatic)
  • Cheesy jokes

Name: Pablo Alonso García (@pabloalonso)

Interest in:

  • Meeting cool rails developers
  • Pair-programming some real app, open source project or code kata
  • Trying out coffeescript
  • Digging into Rails source code

Can help with:

  • I've been BDDing lately
  • Basic frontend stuff (HAML, CSS, JQuery)

Name: Alfonso Izquierdo Carrasco (@alfonsoizq)

Interest in:

  • Getting in contact with Rails community
  • eCommerce
  • Rails basics

Can help with:

  • Spree
  • Enterpreneurship

Name: Daniel de la Mata (@danimataonrails)

Interest in:

  • Frontend development
  • Rails surviving
  • Time management
  • Personal projects/ideas

Can help with:

  • Javascript
  • Classic cooking recipes
  • A little of everything and a lot of nothing

Name: Antonio Santos (@wottam)

  • Blog => (soon to be changed to
  • GH => antonio
  • Twitter => wottam

Name: Nicolas (@nrolland, @nicolasrailscam)

interested/good at :

  • math
  • machine learning
  • excel stuff

interested in / learning:

  • AST manipulation
  • formal methods (aka maths as a programming langage)
  • ruby rails
  • R
  • online classes
  • do 'study' groups
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